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The holy Mountain of Love

Explosion, Big Bang, you were meeting me!
It mixed up my feelings, confusingly.
I see you, I want you, I don’t know why,
What happens this days between earth and sky?

This is the beginning, I feel it, I’m sure,
of an exciting and difficult mountain tour.
Persistence and patience, long time we need.
Well, the way to the top is a hard way, indeed.

But never mind, nothing could swayed me,
I stay on the route and slowly and surely,
my view becomes clearer: What’s this what I see?
I appreciate your heart! It is waiting for me.

My happiness makes me euphoric my dear,
I start running, become quicker, the target is near.
My reward, that is YOU with your love and your sex,
my mind fades, I enjoy to relax.

On the top of the mountain I’m one with you.
This is the love and all is the true!

the holy mountain of love

near Chenini in Tunesia

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